Simple pharmaceutical formulations
Pharmaceutical & Formulation Development of LUNARIA provides services in the field of the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms, manufacturing and analytical control for the preparation of the Registration File.

LUNARIA offers contract research services in chemical and pharmaceutical product development on pharmaceuticals, mainly generics.

Full advantage of the analytical research and development services.

Operates in a GMP environment.

Possible cooperation with quality control.

Lunaria offers its own per-project tuned, step-by-step time and costs development offer, providing the best and shortest solution for the project.

The development of simple pharmaceutical formulation by the use of asapprime.

LUNARIA is interested in the development of liquid dosage forms, creams, dispersions, capsules and lyophilized injections and infusions.

The health care products industry is experiencing dramatic change. The percentage of generics will stay high but they will be cheaper. In the future, our formulation laboratory will be equipped with the necessary instrumentation for the pharmaceutical development.

Biomolecules will dominate the R&D sector. Prolongation of the shelf-life of these drugs can be achieved by freeze-drying. LUNARIA therefore wants to invest in a freeze-drying equipment.

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Jana Pospíchalová

Head of QC and R&D