Analytical test, Stability Studies, analytical R&D and pharmaceutical R&D are located in GMP environment

minimum of repeated studies

Excellent record of regulatory compliance to ensure minimum repeated studies and minimum questions from regulatory bodies from 1996

Skilled personnel trained

Regular training of our staff with emphasis on the improvement of their skills and qualifications is a commonplace in our company.

Good resource management & State-of-the-art equipment

free capacity in our own chambers

Storage of formulations in various climatic chambers. Fully automated server data integrity program end with alarm system and back-up system.


Quickly and accurately determine drug substance and drug product shelf-life based on the Accelerated Stability Assessment Program ASAPprime®



Our team is composed of professionals and offers analytical testing in our modern equipped laboratories. We guarantee quality and compliance with the latest GMP requirements.


  • ICH stability studies
  • Storage of samples
  • Batch release analysis
  • Accelerated and ICH photostability studies
  • Process validation
  • Method transfer
  • Validation of analytical methods
  • Microscopic particle analysis


Our highly expertly and scientifically focused team helps our customers to solve difficult tasks in the field of analytical research and development with the help of state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation.


  • R&D located in GMP environment
  • Degradation studies
  • Extractables and leachables
  • Development of analytical methods
  • Evaluation of analytical methods (feasibility studies)
  • Identification of unknown impurities
  • Amino acid analysis (AAA)
  • Accelerated Stability Assessment Program ASAPprime® studies
  • Development of simple formulation in combination with ASAPprime®


Quality is one of the fundamental values of LUNARIA. The care we give to our system of quality assurance comes from our wish for transparency


About Us

LUNARIA spol. s r.o. is Czech pharmaceutical contract research laboratory specialized in the research and development of pharmaceutical products.


Lunaria’s main activity is quality control of drugs – physical, physico-chemical, chemical and microbiological testing of medicinal products, including the storage of samples for accelerated and long term stability studies, and quality control of imported medicines and products.


More details can be found in the category Our services

Lunaria rediviva, known as perennial honesty, is a hairy-stemmed perennial herb found throughout Europe. It often grows in damp woods on lime substrates. It grows up to a meter tall and has large, pointed oval leaves with marked serrations.

It is grown mainly for its beautiful flowers and ornamental seeds, also known as Lunaria (also called Sincerity, Studding plant, Satin flower and Silver dollars). The name comes from luna, moon.

Mission and Mission Statement

LUNARIA’s main mission is to help the patients to fight diseases in order to improve their quality of life.

It is the company policy to assure the best quality of its products. LUNARIA realizes that value based thinking qualified personnel, continuous Development and Quality Assurance program can accomplish such a warranty.

Selection of Employees

LUNARIA places a great emphasis on employee selection. Lunaria organizes, in cooperation with educational agency MotivP, our recruitment process in the form of an AC = Assessment Centre.

AC is a special method that enables Lunaria to examine in detail the specific skills and abilities of all candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to compare their performance and behavior. It brings greater objectivity in personnel decision-making and personnel management.

Training of Employees

Obviously, we pay a special attention to the expert scientific and technical knowledge of our staff, this knowledge is necessary to sustain the growth of the company, but good relational skills are also a must. We know that the strength of a team working in cooperation with each other, made up of interacting individualities that share the same goal, can make the difference in the current competitive market.

Our employees regularly take part in numerous exhibitions and conferences in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

LUNARIA does not forget the improvement of the language skills of their employees, therefore we organize English lessons with native speakers for them.

Our Values

The values we uphold are the heart of our motivation to offer the best services possible to our customers. Employees complying with our ethical code and other agreements (more in Our Documentation).


Humility and respect
Change and innovation
Cost consciousness

We Support

LUNARIA decided in its charitable activities to support the world’s largest organization helping children – UNICEF.

LUNARIA has supported UNICEF regularly since 2006. We participate in the project “Adopt a doll and Save a child,” buys UNICEF’s gifts and also tries to participate through direct financial donations in the creation of sources for the funding of UNICEF’s projects in the most endangered areas in the world.

Our company was invited to the meeting of UNICEF partners, which took place on the 25th of June 2013 in the Zofin Garden Restaurant in Prague. It was a very pleasant meeting of partners, sponsors and supporters of UNICEF. At this event all participants were familiarized with the results of UNICEF in 2012 and with current projects supported by UNICEF  from the Czech Republic directly.

In 2013 LUNARIA also supported, through direct financial donations, the activities of the organization ADRA.

ADRA volunteers helped to clean up the flood in Bohemia and helped to alleviate the suffering of those that took shelter from the Haiyan cyclone in the Philippines.

As an act of appreciation for helping children in 2012, LUNARIA received a certificate and we really appreciate it. Our support is definitely not over and we look forward to our next cooperation in the future.

Jaroslav Šalamoun, President of the Company.

Our Team